Rent your white goods and take the ice out of your party

Nothing leaves a stronger impression on visitors to your new home than the state of your white (or silver) goods. When guests arrive for dinner and they see a grimy, dirty old fridge, freezer or oven, they know that their meal came out of that kitchen—it’s not a good look. Those first impressions last. Unfortunately, white goods cost a small fortune to buy new. The solution is to rent from Home Entertainment Express.

When you rent your white goods and home appliances from Home Entertainment Express, you can choose the top of the range models from the most respected brands. In fact, you have infinite choice in terms of size, model and brand. Whatever you want we can provide.

The next time you entertain guests they won’t leave with a bad taste in their mouths, they will remember the amazing food prepared in your sparkling new kitchen and the great company.

Washing Machines







After your guests leave, the daunting task of cleanup is a breeze with your new dishwasher from Home Entertainment Express. Entertaining has never been so easy.

Renting your appliances won’t freeze the budget

White goods are some of the most expensive items in your house. To purchase them outright can be a huge drain on your budget. When you rent from us, you get brand new appliances, which are covered by our comprehensive service policy, for a fraction of the price of bought goods.

Life brings changes—they are inevitable so should you need a bigger or different fridge or other appliance it is so simple with our flexible contracts. We don’t lock you into any unwanted lengthy contracts and when you need to upgrade it’s no problem.

Our new appliances are engineered to meet strict energy efficiency standards so they will save you power and money, and will be kind to the environment—just another great advantage of renting brand new appliances from Home Entertainment Express.

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