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It’s no hassle to buy the products you rent.

All Our TV rental products are designed to be rented and enjoyed, but many of our customers want to keep and own their items after the rental period has ended. No problem.

If you’re looking to buy your rental product, It’s no hassle to buy the products you rent, and we want your experience with our company to be as seamless as possible. In fact we’ve had tons of customers who want to own the products at the end of their rentals, and we are happy to help them do just that.

If you would like to rent to own TV, then just make an offer on your item if it meets our standards for sale – then once accepted by both parties, you make your payment and you own the goods.


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Rent a Smart TV

There’s no better home entertainment experience than watching your favorite TV show on a large, high-quality screen. Home Entertainment Express has great rent to own TVs with features that will meet all of your needs from brands such as Samsung!

The perfect smart TV for your own home theater is just a click away. With Home Entertainment Express, you can find the best rent to own TVs that will fit any family’s needs and budget with features from brands like Samsung!

Make your home theater experience even more exciting with a 4K UHD Smart TV, which offers the best picture quality and sound.

For an internet connection that’s always on-point for streaming content or doing work from anywhere in the house without fear of missing out on your favourite tv shows – get yourself one of our smart TVs!

If you want to enjoy your favorite shows in high definition, pick up a 4K television and you’ll be able to take in all the details with crystal clear picture quality and sound that won’t leave any room for complaints!

Is It Time to Upgrade Your TV?

Pick from a variety of 4K TVs and smart sets. You’ll be blown away by the picture quality, sound that comes through these screens – it’s like you’re watching in real life (even if I say so myself).

With internet access built right into them as well you’ll be able to watch Netflix®, Stan or Binge online entertainment sites; there really aren’t any downsides at all with owning one today.

Unlike televisions from decades ago, all our TVs come with an HD screen resolution that makes colors pop and details come alive. The difference is night-and-day when it comes to watching your favorite show on one of these new sets!

What Exactly is a HDTV?

Basically, it’s a television set with greater resolution, its a High Definition Television. And the difference is night and day!

With a higher resolution, the colors are more vibrant and life-like on an HDTV. You can see every detail when watching something like sports because there is no blurriness or fuzziness that comes with standard sets

The new Smart televisions at HEE make it so you feel as if everything around us suddenly becomes much clearer – not just what’s going in front of our eyes but also sounds coming from all directions!

When you’re looking for the best rent-to-own TV, make sure it has a quality picture. Don’t just settle on something because of its brand name – reviews can help!

What About Picture Quality?

When it comes to picture quality, there’s no place like home. The way that you place your HDTV in the room can have a big impact on what picture quality is seen.

Factors like available light, screen size and placement all play into this equation too! So whether you’re looking to upgrade your old TV or just want an awesome new set for the first time, HEE has got what it takes.

What’s the Right Size Screen?

If you’re looking to buy a new TV, the first thing that should come into consideration is what size and layout will work best for your room.

Home Entertainment Express offers an entertainment unit with various styles so we’re sure there’s one perfect for any space!

Deciding on the right television can be difficult as it all depends on how large or small our rooms are and with our great selection of sizes, you’ll never have to worry about finding the right TV size again.

The largest TV available can now fit just about any size of home. With sizes ranging from 43″ to a whopping 65″, or 75″ screens, this is great news for those who need an extra large screen in their living room!

TV Rental Agreements

Don’t let a broken screen keep you from watching your favorite shows. Renting TVs is an affordable option that will have everything set up for when it’s time!

A smart TV may be just what you need to get back into the game of life – without breaking out any cash or wasting hours trying fix things yourself with duct tape and bubble wrap like last time

Rent from us today at our affordable prices. We have flexible rental plans that will allow you to enjoy them whenever it is convenient for you, check here to see our participating locations!

Click here for more information on our online rent to own agreement, and for rent to own, see our rental purchase agreement.