Rent a computer—it adds up

Computers, laptops and tablets are essential items in today’s world. We need them to keep in touch with family, store our important documents and records, search for and apply for jobs, organize travel, and a host of other important tasks. We also use computers for entertainment. Yes, computer prices have dropped in recent years but the problem is the average laptop or computer only lasts three years before it either is worn out or obsolete. There is no advantage or need to buy a computer when you can rent from Home Entertainment Express.

Rent a laptop—a smart move

Rent a laptop, tablet or computer from us and you get the latest model delivered to your door. You can choose from all the top brands. Can’t you just see it, that smart, stylish new desktop for your home office or that feature-rich laptop for your children’s study? Don’t let outdated computers and software hinder your children’s education.

When your children have finished researching and preparing their homework assignments, they will be able to enjoy the awesome sound and graphic capabilities as they play the latest games. Yes, your children will want to do their homework because it is such a pleasure to work with a fast new computer. You will be the envy of other families.

You too will have immeasurable pleasure from working on your new computer—no more slothful start-up and response times and no more crashing or dying computers. Sending emails, searching the internet, creating birthday cards and family newsletters, or watching films, all your computer activity will now be a joy and not a chore.

Rent a tablet and travel the world

For the ultimate in mobile computing, rent a tablet. Perhaps you are going on holiday and you really need a computer but don’t want to buy one. The solution is obvious: rent a tablet from Home Entertainment Express. You can fulfill all your holiday needs, from emailing and searching to taking photos and videos with your new, sleek and ultra-modern tablet.

Solve all your computer, laptop and tablet problems and rent from Home Entertainment Express.


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