Buying a washing machine?—Don’t be hung out to dry!

With the busy, active lifestyles of modern families, getting everyone’s clothes clean can be a huge chore and an expensive one. When you need all the great features of the best washing machines and dryers without the hefty purchase price tag, the answer is simple: rent your home appliances from Home Entertainment Express.

For a low rental, you get the latest models of your choice delivered to your door and installed by our expert technicians. Yes, your washday can be a breeze. With the modern set and forget technology you can programme your washing to fit around your schedule, not the other way round.

Not only can renting your new laundry appliances be cheaper than buying them, you will also save money on running costs. That’s because our modern laundry appliances from all the top brands have been engineered for maximum energy efficiency. You save money when you use them and look after the environment too.

We back all our washing machines and dryers with the famous service that our clients have come to trust and depend on. Make life easier for yourself; don’t throw your money down the drain when you need to replace your laundry appliances, instead rent from Home Entertainment Express.

Buying a vacuum cleaner?—Don’t be a sucker!

Are you tired of wrestling with an ancient, awkward vacuum cleaner that has lost its puff? Has cleaning day become just a dust-up with that tired old sucker that does more blowing than sucking? You know you need a new vacuum cleaner but decent models can cost a lot. Why don’t you rent a brand new vacuum cleaner from Home Entertainment Express?

For a nominal rental, you can have new home appliances, washing machines, dryers or vacuum cleaners delivered to your door.

Products include:

Washing Machines



Why buy when you can rent all your home appliances from Home Entertainment Express?

You can enjoy the sleek ultra-modern designs of your new home appliances without blowing the budget or a gasket, and you can save money thanks to the latest energy efficient technology.

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