We all know the importance of keeping fit and maintaining a healthy body weight but the price of gym memberships is prohibitive and, let’s face it, all those sweaty lycra-clad show-offs—they are really a bit of a turn off.

Then there’s the hassle of getting to the gym and fitting it into your tight schedule or maybe you like jogging but you no longer feel safe running at night or in the early morning. You love the buzz from your exercise workouts but it has just become too hard to fit it all in your busy day.

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Home Entertainment Express—a good fit

Home Entertainment Express knows how important it is for you to look after your health—maintaining good health is one of those essential requirements for successful living. You know how much better you feel, how much more energy you have after a good work out—the buzz that lasts throughout the entire day. Good health is vital, so we have taken the pain out of exercise and made it easy for you to rent your new gym, treadmill and fitness equipment.

Imagine how easy, how much fun it would be to work out in your own time, in your own home away from the gaze of strangers and in complete security. You will be the envy of your friends—not just because of your new toned, sleek body but because you didn’t even have to leave the house to get it.

Your family too, will love having their own gym. You have heard the saying, “the family that plays together stays together”—well, now you can have the perfect playground in your own home. Family encouragement and competition will help keep you all on target with your fitness programme and family time in your very own gym will provide lots of fun and laughter.

Rent your new gym and fitness equipment from Home Entertainment Express and your new happiness and energy equipment will be delivered to your door and installed for you. More energy, better health—it’s just a phone call away.

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